What is an Intercultural Intervention?

in·ter·cul·tur·al  in-ter-kuhl-cher-uhl pertaining to or taking place between two or more cultures. 

in·ter·ven·tion in-ter-ven-shuhn involvement in order to change what is happening.

Why an Intercultural Intervention?

When there is a lack of cultural awareness, cultural knowledge or cross-cultural skills, the impact can be very problematic for integration, inclusion, and retention in any environment. For example, executives and their families on a international assignment can isolate themselves and struggle personally and professionally as they count down the days to return to their "home" culture. Managers can lose talented staff and the benefits that diverse perspectives bring to global business. Students can engage in superficial cultural learning and conclude their immersive experiences with a narrow world-view, re-inforced stereotypes, and lost opportunity for meaningful cultural exchange.


The goal of a INTERCULTURAL INTERVENTION training program is to provide the essential tools for success in any intercultural setting and the awareness, knowledge, and skills to lead and foster a culturally diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace and team.

Designing your Intercultural Intervention

We provide an initial free 1 hour consulation to identify your particular needs, concerns, objectives and goals from a training program. We will address both the content and process and discuss some of the design elements listed below. Consultations can take place in-person, via Skype, or teleconference. To learn more, simply email us to discuss next steps.



Telephone conference, webinar, face to face, small group and retreats.


Experiential, solution-oriented consultation and customized trainings designed to cultural context, learning styles, and desired competencies.



-Assessment tools


-Speakers-bureau (Country experts)

-Role plays

-Case studies

-Action Planning


2 hours to multi-day seminars based on needs assessment and clients specifications.

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