Academic & Humanitarian Clients

"I have had the pleasure of working with Cloe both within the context of her work as a cross-cultural trainer and as an organizational development consultant. She is deftly able not only to step back from an issue to look at it from different angles, but to help others do the same, even under contentious circumstances. Therefore, when I found myself in a new role at a new institution tasked with merging two departments and staff with competencies in two completely different fields, I knew that I would be able to rely on Cloe to help me begin to process a plan for the department. Cloe was able to assist me in designing a retreat that very much helped me unravel the complexities of both workload and management issues inherent in the merger."


Assistant Vice President and Director of Campus Engagement at Duke University Alumni Association

"After a career in the military I pack for most trips the day prior to departure. Most times it's a been there, done that type of situation but, just recently I was offered another international assignment thru my biotech firm that provided cultural training. Unlike my military departure training "Stay Alert, Stay Alive," while appropriate for past assignments, this time I had the opportunity to dig deeper and have an open dialogue with Cloe Liparini. In a very short two day-interactive session I was able to speak to local representatives, discuss my concerns and set realistic expectations. I set up a networking plan and most importantly by the end of the session, I was able to write a clear action plan for the upcoming year. Thanks Cloe, because of your help I am five months into my assignment and loving my new city-Copenhagen Denmark "


-International Assignee (Biotech Firm)

Durham, North Carolina USA to Copenhagen, Denmark

“I attended a three-day civic leadership retreat led by Cloe. It was a very enjoyable, engaging and well-organized retreat. Cloe is an exceptional discussion leader and facilitator. She has a special ability to make everyone in the group feel comfortable about sharing their thoughts and opinions. She constantly makes insightful remarks, and is one of the most reliable people I've worked with. Cloe cares deeply about people and is a connector in every sense of the word.”


-Daniel Wong

Author of  "The Happy Student: 5 Steps to Academic Fulfillment and Success."

"Cloe’s own personal life experience and professional accomplishments leave her uniquely qualified to provide the kind of cross cultural preparation that we all need before embarking on an adventure to a new place.  Cloe provided my family with just such preparation before our semester in Cairo, and I can say that we felt prepared – and cited her often – as we encountered the joys and challenges of living abroad."


 -Higher Education Executive

Pre-Sabbatical Cross-Cultural Training (USA to Cairo, Egypt)